2019 Group AGM Minutes


Sywell Aerodrome, Northamptonshire

Sunday 29th September 2019

Members Present:

Bob Clarke, Pete Clark, Richard Lowis, Jim Bavin, Kevin Evans, Kevin Brace, Colin Febrache, Iain Elrick, Robert Milroy, Steve Sutcliffe, Steve Holt, John Hutchins, Jon Saunders, Steve Leach, Kevin Jacomb.

Guests Present:

Mrs Lowis, Mrs Bavin, Mrs Jacomb.

The meeting commenced at 1100hrs following apologies from a number of members.

Bob Clarke read the minutes from the 2018 AGM which were received by the meeting, proposed by Pete Clarke and seconded by Kevin Evans.

Bob Clarke’s Report:

Bob thanked all members for their attendance. Bob stated that a lot of activity was taking place in respect of the new database, work is still continuing on it and it is hoped that it will be in full operation early in the New Year. A presentation will be given at the end of the meeting to show the workings of what the new database can do.

Bob also stated that 2 new members had joined the group and we have not lost any members.

Bob also went on to speak about the changes that have been happening in the aviation industry. Bob mentioned the inclusion of Drones into the Database. Drones operated by the British Army have now been included in the database which have a permanent serial or registration. Drones purchased for personal use will not be included in the database.

Financial Report – Jim Bavin:

Jim reported that the group was in a comfortable financial position and were showing in the black. Subs will remain at £25 for the coming year.

Election of Office Bearers:

Bob asked if any of the members had an interest in standing for election. There being no volunteers Pete Clarke made the comment that the present committee continues in the roll.

All the committee agreed.

Updater’s Report- Richard Lowis:

Richard thanked all the updaters for their hard work over the past year. Richard stated that due to circumstances, himself and Jim Bavin would be having to reduce their workload. Richard asked if any member would like to take on the role of updating to contact him off group. Since the AGM and before the minutes were dictate a number of members have approached me and offered their services and an up-to-date list will be updated on the group website. Richard again made a request for any members especially the ones that don’t update, if they are interested to contact him.

Any Other Business:

Kevin Evans brought up the topic of Operator Sequence Numbering. Bob mentioned the need to be extra vigilant and compliant with the sequence Registrations and Owners. This topic has been covered many times over the years and the group are still experiencing problems. The new front end being worked on by Steve will at some stage in the future automate this process.

As there was no other the meeting was concluded.

At the end of the meeting, Bob gave the members present an insight into the new DataBase which was warmly accepted.

A tour of the Museum was then provided.
Our thanks to the restaurant catering staff for Buffet and refreshments.

Minutes prepared by Richard Lowis.

Bob Clarke,
Pacific Aviation Group.