Updater Key

Just done some updates but when I try and produce the update after pressing the produce update button the little blue circle appears for a couple of seconds then nothing else happens. Can anyone help with a solution?

… I think that this may be the first updates I have done since I updated to windows 8. (Gordon Smith [GS])

  • Close the d/b and look in the DataAir folder and see if there are any .ldb files in there (Kevin Evans[KE])
  • Did you simply upgrade or was it a new installation? (KE)……. Just upgraded. Everything else on the database works though (GS)
  • I can see the details of the updates I have done just won’t produce the update. You don’t think it may have lost its updater status do you during the window upgrade? (GS)
  • Does the update just show in the screen where you can leave and exit or produce update? (KE)…. Yes, I use the update review option from the data admin menu, then at that screen with the produce update and leave/exit buttons at the bottom, the details of the updates I have done show under the relevant tabs as usual. It is then when I click on the produce update button that the problem occurs. (GS)
  • You may be right that the updater status has gone adrift within the registry. I’m not sure if there is anywhere in the database which can tell you if you have updater status or not. I would have a word with Jim Bavin and see if he can give you a new updater key.(KE)
  • You will also need to ask Bob for the number of the last new record you put in, in update 82. Then I can produce a key for you. I think you will have to re-do your current update though….If we get these record numbers wrong (duplicated….mayhem reigns. He will normally send me the info if you ask him (Jim Bavin)
  • The suggestion that the registry is goosed is quite correct. Whilst Microsoft have done a god job with the update/migrate routine, it can only go so far. I will send the relevant details to Jim later this evening so that he can create the new key. (Bob Clarke)

Jim Bavin has pointed out that YOU MUST NOT RE_RUN YOUR EDITOR KEY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. This would upset the update & record No sequences from your machine.

If you can provide a note of the Last record no added and the last update no. I can provide a new updater key