Error codes

Error 3027 – Cannot update. Database or object is read-only.

Need to unzip Update before running

Error 3044

Trying to download 2015 updates. When I try to download update 178 I get error 3044 [Steve Holt] In your DataAir directory have you got a RunDataAir.ldb file? [Kevin Evans]

If so, delete the .ldb file [Kevin Jacomb]

Error 3073 – Operation must contain an updatable query, 3086

I get an error ‘3073 Operation must contain an updatable query’ when I run this. Anyone have the same problem or have any ideas please? [Clive Jones 14-10-15]

I occasionally get this but just click end then re-run and it goes away…sometimes takes a couple of retries… [Leon Loberman 15-10- 15]

I occasionally get these types of error – for example I just got a 3073 and a 3086 on update 96 and I didn’t get an error on 97.

I normally go to debug and press F5 to continue on each error – I think it’s a timing issue related to how busy the machine is at the time….

[Leon Loberman 23-10-16]

Error 3167

When I run Update 97 I get a run-time error 3167 – Record is deleted. On running debug, it highlights a UPDoperatorhistory issue.

Can anyone help with this one please? [Kevin Moran]

see Leon’s reply above for Error 3073,3086

Error 3443 – Unrecognised Database Format – C:\DataAir\Dtset.mdb

Jon Saunders reported a problem on 6-12-15:

Running in the last few updates have been problematic for me…

Whilst trying to run update 199, I got a run time error (3443) “Unrecognised Database Format – C:\DataAir\Dtset.mdb” message come up with the following choices:- Cont/End/Debug/Help.

I clicked “End” & then ran in the update at the second attempt – worked fine, opened the DB, checked the counter, counter showed 199 – so OK.

Then ran in 200 – no problems encountered, opened the DB, checked the counter, counter showed 200 – so OK.

I’ve just run in 201 & I again got a run time error (3443) same message as before, hit “end”, run it in again, got a different run time error (which I can’t remember), hit “end” again, ran it in again & it worked at the 3rd time of asking.

Opened the DB & the counter is showing 201.

Just wondering if this is the beginning of problems with my DB? I’ve never had any previous problems running in updates before… Cheers,


Comments received:

Stu Telford noted 7-12-15

Which Anti Virus software do you use ? I have Avast and I have to switch it off whilst running the updates in or I get various errors which mean it sometimes takes up to three attempts to run in an update. Maybe try doing that ? I only started getting this problem when I had to install Office 2013 on my PC.

Steve Holt noted 7-12-15

I get this with some updates over the year and just run them again it seems to work fine.

Jon Saunders noted 7-12-15

Hi Guys,

Firstly, thanks to Stu & Steve for replying…

I also use Avast but before update 199 there was absolutely no issue with running updates at all.

I’m still using the same version of Office & also the same old version of Access (2002) that I always have. Maybe there’s been an automatic update in Avast which is causing the problem?

It’s interesting that there are fellow users experiencing this problem though. Thanks again, Jon