Your Problems and Solutions

Some of the errors that members are coming across and their suggested solutions are given below.

  1. My log stats screen is completely blank

    Check your date format settings:

    • set your short date to dd-MM-yy and the long date to dd-MM-yyyy
    • ensure that the date separator is set to a ‘-‘ (dash), not a ‘/’ (slash). Sometimes it reverts back to the factory setting
  2. Database won’t open; when double-click the ‘Load and Open’ button, it says ‘Opening’ but then does nothing

    Encountered by Mick 10-9-12, Kevin Jacomb 1-10-12 Suggestions made:


    • Not a screen resolution problem, is it? Check with a different resolution in case that fixes it (Al Henderson, Kevin Evans)
    • Navigate to the DataAir Folder and scroll down to dtset.mdb. Right click and you should find “Restore previous versions” Click on that. This method works on my Windows 7 operating system but you might want to make a copy of dtset.mdb and rename the copy first (Peter Watson)
      • The “Restore previous versions” option seems to be a Windows 7-specific option – not available on XP (Kevin Jacomb)
    • Have you got an extra file in your DataAir folder? Do you have both ‘dtset.mdb’ and ‘dtset1.mdb’? You should only have one ‘dtset’ file. The ‘dtset.mdb’ file will have been corrupted. You need to rename ‘dtset.mdb’ to, say, ‘dtset2.mdb’ as a temporary backup. Then rename ‘dtset1.mdb’ to ‘dtset.mdb’ then try to reopen the database. Then delete ‘dtset2.mdb’. (Steve Sutcliffe)
    • You haven’t got a locked version of the database in your DataAir folder by any chance, have you? It will be something suffixed .ldb…. (Leon Loberman)
      • If so, delete the .ldb file (Kevin Jacomb
    • Just a thought – have you compacted recently? Wondered if that may be the cause (Gordon Smith)
    • All you need to do is re-instate ‘RunDataAir.mdb’ from a previous backup taken when you know your database was working and replace it into your ‘DataAir’ folder. (Kev Hart)
      • Worked a treat for Kevin Jacomb
      • Note that this is what some people refer to as “reloading a new front end”
  3. Noticed we were without a Boeing logo so I have added one for your Sysda folder – but how do we find which number a gif file should be allocated for an airline?

    I pull a fleet listing and if it does not have a logo I click on the little book by the printer icon at the bottom of the page then the ‘txt’ icon the routine will fall over at this point and tell you what gif is missing with the number associated to that operator. (John Robinson)

  4. When I open the database, it loads two copies

    Kevin Jacomb had a problem:

    The second one opened automatically before you could stop it. Editing the database was OK but on exit, the ‘Close and Leave’ button gave an error message that there was a problem and the database had to be repaired. It asked for a new filename for the ‘RunDataAir_Backup.mdb’ file. After giving a new name it closed but then the second copy displayed the ‘Close and Leave’ button.

    When double-clicked this closed normally.

    Solutions tried included different ways of opening – via a shortcut, and via the ‘RunDataAir.mdb’ in the ‘DataAir’ folder – and Barry offered advice but all solutions failed. It was something to live with but it did cause Bob some problems of duplication when updates were created.

    By chance, Access 2010 was loaded some months later and the problem never repeated. It was probably some form of corrupted Access 2003 file(s).

  5. Error on importing photos

    Andrew Cupitt had a problem on 30-5-15:

    When using the Exif import I’m getting the following error message when I get to image 1471.

    ‘The field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add, Try inserting or pasting less data’.

    I have checked the photo names for problems and nothing. I have checked my date format and that is as it should be.

    I’m sure we have had this before in some form are there any offers what to look for to cure it. Many thanks


    Comments received.

    Kevin Hart noted 4-6-15.

    I suspect the problem might be one of the following: Location – max 40 characters

    Full Directory path (excl file name) – max 50 characters File name – max 50 characters

    Have a look at these areas and see if this throws any light on the problem.

    Andrew Cupitt noted 7-6-15

    Thanks for this I don’t think that’s the issue in this case, I have stripped out all the photos, re-done with only photos I know have been in the database and it still happens only stops at a lower numbers.

    My directory is D:\AircraftPhotos

    File name is within the constraints of what the program allows which is registration, followed by _## where ## is a sequential number.

    Location max I have is about 34 characters but these would be goverened when you log your aircraft any way. I have even replaced the table with a clean one

    So not sure whats going off Thanks for your thoughts though

    Bob Clarke noted 13-11-16


    You need to make the path to the file shorter. Be careful with the syntax you use and avoid any special charachters. I suggest you go no more than three levels deep from your root directory.


  6. Blank Data Fields

    Jim Bavin had a problem on 21-9-14:

    I am sure someone had a problem of when searching for a record it comes up but all the data fields on RHS are blank. When you press edit everything is there

    Cant recall the fix for this Office 2003 & W7


    Comments received.

    Stu Telford noted 22-9-14

    Usually there is some data not correctly entered. Part of the date of registration or delivery missing (even “00” or “0000”) or a sub type etc. Just click through all the drop downs and make sure everything is selected correctly. I added the HEX to one for my last update. The delivery date was blank in the year field.

    Jim Bavin noted 21-9-14

    Mine is now OK.

    Reset the Macro Security to low and all was well Jim

  7. Editing Problem – Chrome

    Kevin Hart had a problem 18-5-15.

    Since running in the last two updates, I cant edit anything any more. I can access the edit screen for a frame and can access drop down lists / select cells etc but can’t select anything from th drop downs or type any text into any of the data fields.

    Is anyone else experiencing this, or has done in the past and knows how to correct it?

    The updates may be a red herring as I’ve also run in some windows updates recently too although nothing Office related. All other aspects of my db are working fine which possibly points to editor rights maybe??

    Comments received.

    He resolved it:

    I seem to have identified the problem but it is weird. It seems to be related to Chrome 64bit. If Chrome is running before I open my db, I cannot update as described, but if I open the db first, then chrome, all is well. Closing Chrome does not cure the problem unless I re-open the db without Chrome running.

    Why Chrome should affect the db in the way is beyond me but I’ve tried a few tests and it does seem to be consistent.

    Bob Clarke noted 18-5-15

    With regards Chrome being involved, this does not surprise me. It touches most applications in some way or another. Always make sure you pull the download file to your machine before running it in, this will take away any influence from the browser.

  8. Disappearing Log Stats Display

    Kevin Evans had a problem 5-3-17.

    Anyone have any issues with the log stats display? Mine have disappeared! Running Windows 10 and Office 365 Access.

    Comments received.

    Gordon Smith noted 5-3-17

    Check your time format on your computer.

    If short time is not xx-xx-xx I have known stats to disappear

    Kevin Evans noted 5-3-17

    It’s the date format that needs changing.

    Under Control Panel/Clock, Language & Region select Change date. You should then have the options available.

  9. Group E-mail Query

    John Robinson had a problem 5-3-17.

    When I send a request in I never see my original mail only when someone replies to it I know I have asked for requests that have not been actioned so maybe they do not see my requests like me anyone else have problems with g.mail

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    Kevin Jacomb noted 5-3-17

    Same issue here, John.

    With gmail, I have to check on the newsgroup to see if my message went through. Solution is to bcc: yourself each time.

    Leon Loberman noted 5-3-17

    I wonder if this may be why….

    To prevent clutter, Gmail doesn’t route messages that you send to your own alias to your inbox. You can find the message in Sent Mail or All Mail. If you need to see messages sent to your alias in the Inbox, you can configure the alias as an alternate “Send mail as” address for your account.

  10. Missing Histories (cause & solution not yet identified)

Doug Tillie had a problem 25-3-17

I come across quite regularly records where there is nothing showing….usually cancelled at the top and no history at the bottom. I thought having asked about this before that this was a historical issue going back before I joined in 2007.

Today I found another….this time a record that I’d updated in 2014….it is Robinson R-44 c/n 10014 which according to the date I edited on 26th Dec 14……and only the w/o details in the middle had held.

I thought I’d raise this again as I wondering whether records like this which existed before my time perhaps are tainted in some way

and any future editing could cause an issue as I’ve described. Answers on a postcard…::)

Comments received.

Kevin Evans noted 26-3-17

I think this issue has been about for many a year.

Just going through those types in my remit to get rid of the “Needs Selecting”, I find that various items of historical data are missing when I am absolutely certain that they had been put in.

Whether it’s anything to do with the updating process, I don’t know, but it’s difficult to know just when these bits of data go missing.

Doug Tillie noted 26-3-17

Yes you’re right Kevin and I reckon it probably dates back to pre my joining in 2007…….but what worried me about this one was how another edit, by me in 2014 could go walkies like this.