Getting Started

    • The Steps

      The steps that you need to take to install the database are as follows:

    • Download the database
    • Install the database
    • Open the database, prove it runs on the chosen PC
    • Confirm that it worked and Ask for a key
    • Run the key to register the Db to yourself and enable group updates to run

The Files

The files that you need to load the database and the drive locations that you should put them in are given below. You will be emailed a zipped file ( by Jim Bavin. This will contain the following files:

  • RunDatAir.mdb
  • dtset.mdb
  • obs.mdb

     others?? the Key?

    You need to create a new folder on your c:\ drive called: c:\DataAir

    Double-click the .zip file to open it and save its files into the new folder c:\DataAir Then follow the steps below.

  • Download and Run the .exe file
  • Open (run) the Database (double-click ‘RunDatAir.mdb’) and confirm for yourself it all works OK
  • Run the Key to register the Database to yourself and enable group updates to run
    • Extract it from the .zip file, the suggestion will always be to the folder where you installed your database
    • Make sure that the database is closed
    • Run the extracted file. It will autoclose in seconds.