Getting Restarted

Downloading a totally new Database

Instead of having to download a bare database and then load each individual update in order, a new partially pre-loaded database can now be downloaded.

  • email Bob Clarke at and ask for the download link to the new database
  • install it
  • ONCE YOU HAVE INSTALLED IT and checked that it’s working, email Jim Bavin at and he will send you an unlock key so that you can download any remaining updates

The following steps have been provided by Kevin Evans (amended for year), who has re-installed about 5 or 6 times!

  • Prerequisites
    • Office 2007, 2010 plus I presume 2013.
    • Your key for the current year.
  • Amend macro and trusted location settings in above plus date format.
  • Ensure that screen resolution is compatible. If this is a re-install, remove anything that may be in a previous DataAir folder. Copy to disk or any other device as backup.
  • Download the database from Bob which should be in an .exe file
  • Double click on this .exe file and extract to default location ‘C:\DataAir’
  • Once extracted, run (double-click) the RunDataAir.mdb file. The opening screen should state at bottom left – ‘unregistered’ version and number ‘xx’ (some number)
  • In the opening screen ‘Personal Data’ – ‘Backup Location’ set the location for backups. Default would be ‘C:\DataAir\MyLogs’
  • Close database
  • Obtain all relevant updates for the last year
  • Run updates in sequence. The database must not be open. (I compacted the database after every 15 or so updates)
  • Once the last update has been completed run your member key (Ideally from the desktop)
  • Open database – front screen should now read your name and number 1
  • Close database
  • Obtain the next lot of updates from the website (currently 3 thru to xxx)
  • Obtain update 2 from Bob as this is specific to you.
  • Once this is received copy the update procedure as before (compacting as before)
  • Open the database and check that all the elements are intact. Close database.
  • Copy your last PrivateLogs.mdb file (e.g 24PrivateLogs.mdb) into the MyLogs folder. Rename existing privatelogs.mdb to privatelogs.old then rename your file as privatelogs.mdb
  • Hopefully all should be well.