Limitations and Issues

There are a number of limitations known for the database. Some of these are due to Updaters’ time delays; some by inherent software limitations.

These are as follows:

Updater Limitations

  • Delays for new types to be added – you can minimise this by providing the maximum amount of supporting data when you request a new type to be added

    Software Limitations

  • EXIF photo facility

    The EXIF facility works fine with aircraft photos added directly from a camera’s memory card. However, where photos have been produced by scanning in hard copy images, the photo information recorded and the operator data taken from the database will reflect the date at which the image was scanned, not the date that the original image was taken. To get around this, ‘work arounds’ have to be adopted:


    • 3rd party software has to be employed to change the dates as a batch
    • check The Operators have to be reset by using the correct operator codes. These are currently (September 2011) being compiled.

  • Printing

    Some functions of the database cannot be printed out directly. What you have to do is use the Windows key combinations

    – see Printouts on how to do this.

    Software Issues

  • Future Operating Systems

    The progression of Windows operating systems from XP to Vista to Windows 7 thru 8/8.1 to 10 has necessitated minor tweaks when setting up the database to ensure that the database will work correctly. However, whether future updates of Windows can accommodate the database, no one can know. This is a potential risk for every bit of software.

  • Future MS Access Versions

    The database was designed to use Microsoft Access 2003. Minor tweaks in setting up Access 2007 and Access 2010 have been required. How long future versions of Access can accommodate our database and others’ databases is an open question.

    • MS Access 2013 – at the Sept 2012 AGM, Bob Clarke strongly recommended that we do not buy Access 2013

as it is very likely to require major reprogramming of the database to handle it. Such a task cannot be supported.

If the database were not able to use future operating systems or Access versions, the only options would be to continue with the older systems and software as long as possible and to explore the cost-effectiveness of creating a wholly new database structure with which to manipulate our data. Note, however, that all aircraft databases would suffer the same problems.