I recently had a problem develop with my PacReporter. Things were slowing down. To rectify my problem, I simply replaced all three files i.e. modeslog, pacreporter and popthree with copies from my lesser used laptop. Not only did this cure my error but also improved speed. I didn’t even need to double click each file as you do when you first install. The only thing I did after the switch as a precaution was to rerun the hex build before use.

(Kev Hart)


I have noticed over time that when Pacreporter runs after I close down Basestation it is taking an absolute age to finish. Sometimes around 20 minutes or more. I really don’t need to see the really old logs from years ago. Is there any way I can delete this data so that it (hopefully) runs a little quicker ? If anyone knows where these logs are stored I could take a look around in MDBPlus.

(Stu Telford)

—–Answer awaited ——