The Populator for use with SBS-1

Extra files for the Populator for use with the SBS-1 radar system:

  • DataAirPopulator.exe
  • ModeSlog.mdb
  • popthree.mdb
  • PacModeS Populator 3.0 BETA 4.exe

Leon Loberman has identified the following steps:

  1. Build the SBS updates within the database
  2. You then run Kinetic BaseStation install – up to you which version you install – anything after 134 (I think) will require you to re-input your home location every time you start it. This must be in the default C:/Program Files/Kinetic location.
  3. You then need DataAirPopulator.exe which is on the website
  4. You then need to click on ModeSlog.mdb and popthree.mdb in the c:/GFIA/populator directory & run each of these once
  5. Start SBS either from within the database or by running PacModeS Populator 3.0 BETA 4.exe which should be in the BaseStation directory.
  6. Check it is working as expected

(Then start on the PlanePlotter install if you want it)

Problems (1)

I wonder if anyone can help. I have just tried to set up a new net book for my USA trip next week. I have ‘basestation’ working and Database working but when I try to run the DataAir Populator I get ‘Can’t find data’ error with ‘pop3.mdb’. It then says that ‘c:/ populator/ modeslog.mdb’ is an invalid path. I have checked that set up on my laptop that works and replicated the DataAir file, kinetics file and ’gfia’ folder.

If I put the Populator file into just ‘c:/’ I get ‘modeslog.mdb’ to run and also ‘pop3.mbd’ to open and build tables. If I then go back into ‘gfia’ folder and run it there I get the tables to build. However when you open ‘basestation’ via the beta ‘pop.exe’, the registrations, aircraft type etc don’t show. I have tried uninstalling ‘gfia’ folder and downloading again several times but to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.

(Ronnie Carpenter)

In the “gfia” folder there is a sub folder called “populator”. Inside this you have to double click the modeSlog.mdb, wait for it to shut down, the n do the same with the popthree.mdb file. You might get an error on this one, just click OK and carry on. This should link the Populator to the database. After that, inside you database you have to do a “Build HEX data” (something like that). It should then work as long as you also ran in your member key.

(Stu Telford)


Windows 7

Leon notes that Windows 7 can be a bit picky. Kevin Evans notes that if you are using Windows 7, you will find that if you follow the above steps, the file popthree.mdb will spring up an error. No solution found as yet.