• Some functions of the database cannot be printed out directly. What you have to do is use the Windows key combinations as illustrated below.


    Q: I want to output a list of the aircraft in the museum at Brussels. I’ve called up the details of the museum and then clicked on the ‘green book’ icon and get the options of xls, or rtf (plus others). I have tried both of these options and then go into ‘DataAir’ and click on ‘Reports’. There is a ‘weird’ coloured icon listed ‘Brussels’ with a text file called Set in both the RTF and Excel folders. In both cases the ‘weird’ icon registers 0 bytes. Is this one of the functions that no longer works? If so does anyone know a way to get the listing I want?

    A: (Thanks to Peter Watson) This works:

  • Bring up the museum list
  • Place cursor in left black column at the top, click “ctrl” + “A” (this selects all the data)
  • click “ctrl” +”C” (this copies it to the clipboard)
  • Open a blank excel sheet and put cursor in top left box and press “ctrl” + “V” (this inserts the data)
  • You may have to change the font colour afterwards

    Note: this procedure may work with other instances where the printout facility does not work properly.