Working with Windows 7

The database works with Windows 7 but some tweaks are required. Experiences by members are noted below.

Paul Bailey reported on Monday, July 18, 2011 12:32 AM Subject: Re: RE NEWLAPTOP FINALLY OR NEARLY

I have just installed basestation and populator on my Windows 7 home premium laptop. When basestation was loading I changed the path to C/Programfiles and it installed there OK. After that I loaded the populator to


Leon Loberman reported on 25-06-11 22:15

If BaseStation and PacModeS are not in the C:\Program Files\Kinetic\Basestation folder then I’m afraid it isn’t going to work.

From what you’ve said, it looks like you’ve got the 64Bit version of Windows 7 and therein lies your problem if you want to run PacModeS. Windows 7 64 bit will force the programs into the x86 version of the folder and PacModeS just can’t handle that…..

Leon Loberman reported on 18-07-11 22:15 For the record, here’s what we did:

  1. Despite all efforts, Basestation would not install anywhere except in the Program Files (x86) folder – the last install was run with the Setup program configured to run in Windows XP Service Pack 3 compatibility mode and run as administrator. This was using version 1.1.159 of Basestation
  2. Having installed there, we then manually copied the entire Kinetic folder to the Program Files folder and successfully started Basestation – this was then receiving message from the USB connected SBS.
  3. We then ran the installer program, which created a c:\GFIA folder – however it did not create the populator sub folder – instead it put the ModeSlog and popthree files in the GFIA folder.
  4. We then tried running ModeSlog which had a message saying it could not apply the command but closed ok and popthree which said it could not find the ModeSlog file – this is because it was looking for the populator sub-directory. So I created this sub directory and copied all the files from GFIA into this sub-directory, reran ModeSlog which still gave the same message and reran popthree which didn’t give any message and just closed as normal.
  5. We then ran PacModeS Populator 3.0 Beta 4.exe and lo and behold everything started ok….Harry is back in the world of RQ’s, Ps’s and Unk’s .