Russian Military Serials and bort codes

Doug Tille reported, 31-10-15:

As regularly as I can, I add and edit many Russian military aircraft and I’m sure you will know that in recent years a large number of Russian military aircraft have been re-registered from “various coloured bort numbers” to RF- registrations. This practice is ongoing and covers not just transport aircraft and helicopters but fighters and bombers too.

A large number of the “new” RF- registrations also carry the last worn, or sometimes a new, coloured bort code and what I’ve done is put these in the aircraft code field.

So when searching for a bort / aircraft code that is longer than 8 characters, e.g. 45 yellow or 423 white then the last digit will not show and you need to search accordingly, i.e. 45 yello, 423 whit….etc.

Just thought I’d let you know. Doug.