Searching for an Airline name

At the moment, searching for ‘Airline:-Name’ does not work directly. The problem has been caused by the number of airlines exceeding the program limit.

Fortunately, a simple workaround works. Assume you want the listing for Jet2.

  • At the main screen,
  • Search for ‘Airline:-Code’ (not Name)
  • Type in ICE (for Icelandair, any appropriate code will do – ICE is easy to remember)
  • The Icelandair list appears – press ‘Exit’, then
  • Search for ‘Airline:-Name’
  • An A-Z selection page opens. Select the ‘IJK’ command box
  • Enter ‘J’ in the search box and select the dropdown icon at the right edge of the search box. Scroll down to ‘Jet2’. Alternatively, if you know the precise name the database uses, type it in e.g. ‘Jet2’
  • Click ‘Exit>>’
  • The Jet2 list appears