Error codes

Error 3027 – Cannot update. Database or object is read-only. Need to unzip Update before running Error 3044 Trying to download 2015 updates. When I try to download update 178 I get error 3044 [Steve Holt] In your DataAir directory have you got a RunDataAir.ldb file?¬†[Kevin Evans] If so, delete the .ldb file¬†[Kevin Jacomb] Error […]

Getting Restarted

Downloading a totally new Database Instead of having to download a bare database and then load each individual update in order, a new partially pre-loaded database can now be downloaded. email Bob Clarke at and ask for the download link to the new database install it ONCE YOU HAVE INSTALLED IT and checked that it’s working, […]

Getting Help

There are a number of sources of help available to you: This Wiki Searching the Forum messages for previous discussion of your questions, at– you will have to Login to this site Asking questions to other PacForum members by posting an email to the group at