Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide

The following table attempts to show the major problems and solutions encountered. The relevant section which discusses each is hyperlinked.

Phase of Use



Opening Database

Database won’t open

Folders need to be Trusted for Office 2007 onwards

Move folders to 32-bit folders in Windows 7,8

Screen Resolution not supported


Database says ‘Opening’ but never actually opens

Date Format incorrect

Two copies of database opened

Change 'dtset.mdb' with previous version

Delete possible extra 'dtset1.mdb' file

Delete possible locked files e.g. ‘xxx.ldb’

Re-instate 'RunDataAir.mdb'from a previous backup

Using Database

‘Log stats’ screen is completely blank

Date format incorrect


Downloading Updates

Error XXXX

Check out reported Error Codes


Downloading Files

“this site cannot be reached”

Often blocked by your anti-virus software. Edit the software to allow access to the website


Creating Updates

Won’t create update after upgrade to Windows 8

Need new Updater key


Using Populator

Popthree.mdb will spring up an error

A Windows 7 error – no solution yet 


Using PacReporter

Computer slows down

Replace 3 key files with smaller versions 


Working with Office 2013

‘Cannot find object Autolog’ Error

Awaiting solution